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Physiotherapy Patient Puts on their Custom Orthotics Insole

Custom Orthotics

The shoes we wear have an impact on the entire body. For certain foot and ankle conditions, custom orthotics can be an effective treatment for alleviating not only foot pain but knee, hip, and low back discomforts as well. Orthotics are customized insoles which replace the generic insoles found in most shoes.

To ensure a perfect fit, the physiotherapist will create a plaster cast around your foot, capturing its unique shape. The therapist then sends this physical cast to orthotic specialists who will create an insole specific to your foot’s shape. When your insoles arrive at our clinic, the physiotherapist will have you try them on to ensure a proper fit. With the orthotics complete, they can then replace the insoles inside your most frequently used pair of shoes. As with all physiotherapy services, orthotics are used based on each physiotherapist's judgement. 

Book an appointment with us today to see whether orthotics might benefit you!

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