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Physiotherapy Patient Suffering from Migraine Headache Pain

Manual therapy in particular has been shown to manage symptoms as effectively as prophylactic medication for tension type headaches. In combination with aerobic exercise and cervical mobilization (techniques to increase the range of motion in the neck region), it can be very helpful in relieving symptoms, potentially in the long term as well. Acupuncture has also had promising results in clinical studies regarding the treatment of headaches.

Migraine and Tension Type Headache Treatment

Both Tension Type Headaches and Migraine Headaches can negatively affect the lifestyles of individuals dealing with them. For many years, medication was considered the only effective relief. Recently, however, studies have shown that many of the tools employed by physiotherapists can have sustainable benefits similar to those of pharmaceutical drugs.

Physiotherapist using Manual Therapy to Treat Headache Pain
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