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You Should Visit Physiotherapy If...

Often the question we get as physiotherapists is ... when do I know IF physiotherapy is right for me... Let us help take some of the guess work out of that!

IF…. Your recovery is taking longer than expected.

Generally it is stated that minor injuries involving muscles, joints or soft tissue generally take around 2 to 4 weeks to get better. However, this is dependent on accurate diagnoses of the injury and injury severity. It is also dependent upon integrating the right ingredients to assist with healing. If your injury is lasting longer than these timelines, then getting a professional opinion or assistance to guide the recovery process back to fearless movement may be indicated.

IF…. Your pain is unpredictable.

What is pain? Merriam-Webster defines it as a “localized or generalized unpleasant bodily sensation”. Sounds simple but pain is confusing. Pain is difficult. Pain is complicated. Sometimes we don’t understand why we have pain. We may not understand where it came from and how to

get rid of it. Part of a physiotherapist’s job is to teach and guide you about your pain. This may involve manual hands-on care, external adjuncts or exercise recommendations. However it will most definitely involve education and that is paramount to empower your recovery!

IF… Your own efforts have resulted in re aggravation or re injury.

Sometimes as humans we can fall into two camps: those who fear and avoid pain and stop all activity when they are injured and those who push the limits of their injury… And of course, all those that fall somewhere in between that spectrum. To put it another way, we all operate the most complicated piece of technology to ever exist on this earth. This piece of technology is the human body. So while we all have an excessive amount of available information – que the internet, social media, television and our friendly neighbors… Let us as physiotherapists help you read the user’s manual and take some of the complication out of this process.

IF… You want to move forward from your injury but want do it safely.

One of the primary reasons people seek our help as physiotherapists is because they need a hand creating some structure. They know where they are at currently, they know where they want to go but creating an actionable plan to get there safely and successfully can sometimes feel out of reach. A plan needs to be appropriate, realistic, and accessible. An initial physiotherapy assessment is designed for this purpose and can provide you with the knowledge to move forward with success.

So given the above IF it is time that you pursue physiotherapy give our office a call at 1-204-325-8555, submit your contact information on our website or email


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