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Pre and Post-Operative Rehabilitation

In scenarios where surgery is deemed necessary, physiotherapy can guide you both before and after the surgery date. In preparation, physiotherapy can address your symptoms and help maintain your lifestyle as you wait for the surgery to occur. After the surgery has been performed, physiotherapy can guide you through the rehabilitation process.

Physiotherapist adjusting a knee brace for a physiotherapy patient

Pre-Operative Rehabilitation

Waiting months for surgery can be a frustrating experience, but physiotherapy can decrease your condition’s impact on your lifestyle. Physiotherapy can help reduce pain, improve range of motion, and increase strength and endurance while educating you on ways to optimize your function. At Pembina Valley Physiotherapy, we understand that life continues even when you need a surgery, and we are committed to helping you through the challenges of living with an injury.

Post Operation Patient Waiting for Physiotherapy

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Once a surgery has been performed, the following weeks and months can be critical to restore function and reap the benefits of the procedure. A physiotherapist can guide you through the rehabilitation plan your surgeon will have provided. In addition, a physiotherapist can make any indicated modifications if needed, answer any questions you have about your rehabilitation, and track your progress to ensure your recovery is a safe one. They can also help with short term post operative symptoms, utilizing different techniques and modalities to help you on the road to recovery!

Cold Rush Therapy White Background.jpg

Cold Rush Therapy

To help you manage post-surgery symptoms at home, Pembina Valley Physiotherapy offers Cold Rush Therapy units to rent or buy. Cold Rush Therapy units circulate cooling water throughout a flexible bladder, allowing you to apply cold therapy to any surface on your body in an easy and effective way. With settings to adjust the temperature of the water and bladders designed to snuggly fit on any joint, it is a great option to mitigate post-surgical pain and inflammation from your own home. Contact us today to reserve a rental unit for your recovery.

Looking to book an appointment or reserve a Cold Rush Therapy unit?

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