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Worker Injured while at work and needs therapy

Workplace Injury Rehabilitation

An important component of our physiotherapy services is treating workplace injuries. From a slowly strained back to a sudden shoulder injury, our physiotherapists will work with you to improve your function and help you regain your confidence. In addition, physiotherapy can educate you on measures you can take to ensure future health and success.

Return to Work and Functional Capability Assessments

Returning to work is an important part of recovery and a physiotherapist can assist in navigating this process. While simultaneously rehabilitating your condition using other treatments and modalities, physiotherapists can periodically complete functional capabilities assessments. By completing functional capabilities assessments, a physiotherapist can determine the work tasks that are appropriate at each stage of the rehabilitation process. This can give clear guidelines for employers, which can create a successful transition back to the workplace, making it an important physiotherapy service.

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